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Unlimited fiber internet plus access over 90 premium channels.


The most affordable high-speed fiber internet plan in the market with no data cap plus access over 90 premium channels.

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Take advantage of the most affordable and most reliable high speed fiber internet in the city today. Subscribe to Dasca Fiber Blaze and enjoy how fast pure end-toend fiber internet is.

Fiber Internet
Access Over 90 Premium Channels
Unlimited Data

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Introducing the Dasca Fiber Blaze business internet designed for maximum efficiency. Get the most flexibility and boost your productivity when you need it.

Fiber Internet
Access Over 90 Premium Channels
Unlimited Data

Internet for your Enterprise

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

DIA service that offers asymmetric download and upload bandwidth allocation. Business can get the same quality of the premium internet service with higher upload speed, best for their outbound traffic intensive business operation.

Fiber Internet
Unlimited Data

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NBA Premium, HBO, Cartoon Network, CNN, Nickelodeon, Animal Planet and more…

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Fastest and Secure Fiber Internet Connection Plus Access Over 90 Premium Channels

Useful FAQ’s

Fiber Internet is the latest change to the way data is transferred around the globe. It’s much faster than cable, way faster than dial-up, and can carry large amounts of data in a single line, often reaching multiple terabits of data transfer fairly easily.

is an indicator of a fiber cut. If the LOS light in your modem is blinking RED, it can be any of these reasons:”

  • Loose or damaged patch cord
  • Extreme fiber cable bend
  • There is a problem with the fiber cable connected to your modem from the pole.
  • There is an outage in your area.

You may think it’s wise to restart your router or modem every time you have a lag in connectivity, and you’re right. A router reboot is one of the first things to try if the internet has stopped working or you’re having connectivity issues. A simple reboot will often resolve connectivity issues quickly and get you back to your normal browsing or load times in a matter of minutes.

Measuring your internet speed and knowing how it compares to the speeds you pay for is an important part of diagnosing a slow connection.

  • Fix #1: Power cycle your modem and router (or wireless gateway)
  • Fix #2: Move your router to another location
  • Fix #3: Use the internet during off-peak hours
  • Fix #4: Upgrade your internet plan
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